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February 10, 2022
Jonathan Tran
5 p.m.
Dwinelle Hall

Why does contemporary antiracism devolve into identity politics and white guilt, each of which leaves standing structures and systems destructive to minoritized life? Why does antiracism marginalize Asian Americans, those already marginalized by racism? Can religion, and Christianity in particular, play a constructive role in anti-racism’s democratic future?

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ISSI's Asian American Research Center has awarded grants for UCB faculty and student research projects in the fields of Social Welfare, Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, Education, Jurisprudence & Social Policy, Psychology, Performance Studies, and English. The varied topics include the impact of anti-Asian hate on educators, the digitial activism of BTS ARMY, the influence of COVID-19 on Southeast Asian Americans, 1800's shrimp processors in CA, zombies, and more!

The Asian American Research Journal, co-sponsored by ISSI's Asian American Research Center, promotes research about Asian American experiences, identities and communities. Volume II, Illuminating Lived Realities, is focused on highlighting the variety of experiences that come with being Asian American, especially in consequence to recent events such as the mass spread of COVID-19.

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